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Apex Warrior challenges you with classes that push your limit and gravity-defying obstacles that get your blood pumping. Voted the best fitness centre and gym in Sudbury for 2021!

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It truly is one of the most accepting environments.

I had never worked out in a gym before, so I was very intimidated. I wasn't able to do a single push up, pull up, deadlift, ANYTHING before...after a few weeks I started noticing a change...and now, 2 years later, I'm able to clap my push ups, I attempted my first muscle up, and each month that does by, all my lifts are getting stronger. It truly is one of the most accepting environments. I was once someone who gave up when things got tough...That mental push through during a work out, has stuck with me, and is so relatable to everyday struggles! As soon as you walk through that door for your first class, you are welcomed by cheerful hello's. Everyone is at a different level of fitness and everyone wants to see you succeed in whatever your goals may be! You just have to take that first step! I love this place, best way to start my day, with some of the most amazing coaches and fellow gym go-ers around!

Awesome place!

Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed. I was really nervous leaving my past gym but my first class both the trainers and members made sure I felt welcomed and helped me stay motivated throughout the workout. It's great having a gym family and having supportive and positive people surrounding you. Overall great workouts, encouraging and knowledgeable trainers and great group of people. Just try one class and see how you feel. Both the members and coaches will stick by you throughout your workout and motivate you. Awesome place!


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"Amazing atmosphere, classes are never the same old routine. Nothing but positive motivation from coaches and members. Once you're here, you're family. LOVE IT HERE."

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