We have made some changes to the gym to keep things safe for our members and staff. Below is our updated list of protocols that must be followed when in the gym

  • When entering the gym you must be wearing a mask inside and into change rooms. You do not need to wear a mask when working out, in a class, or ninja course.

  • Gym towels are mandatory for your workout, no towel, no workout! Gym towels will be available for sale at the gym if you forget one.

  • All Members must scan their key to enter.

  • Booking is mandatory for entry into the gym for all times. Check the schedule to see what is available for you to book in. If you do not have a booking your key will not open the door.

- Apex Class is a group class and is a maximum of 10 bookings

- Open Gym is for members and non members, staff will be present to unlock the door to new clients. This booking is for the gym side of Apex Warrior ONLY. Only 6 people are able to book at a time.

- Members Only is just for members with active memberships, this booking is for the gym side ONLY. Only 6 members are allowed to be working out in the gym at the same time.

- Ninja Warrior Course is for the ninja warrior course only, we are able to have 4 people at a time on the Ninja Course.

  • Bookings are for 60min, please arrive ready to workout, if you must change the change rooms are available. 

  • If you show up late to your booking you will still be allowed in but you must leave when your booking time is over to ensure we do not go over capacity.

  • Social distancing will be in effect, please keep your distance of 2 meters at all times from other members.

  • Gym bags are not permitted in the gym, you can bring them in to change but they must go back out to the car. 

  • Gym shoes can not be left at the gym anymore, you must take them with you every workout.

  • ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE WIPED DOWN AFTER USE AND RETURNED. This will ensure the safety of everyone in the gym.

  • The shower can be used, but must be cleaned between uses by staff. Please change the sign on the shower door to OUT OF SERVICE.

  • Please use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the gym. 

  • Kids classes will start up shortly.

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