Apex Warrior Classes

Classes at the gym are always interesting, challenging, and designed to get you fit regardless of your current fitness level!

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Booking types

Group training led by one of our fantastic instructors. Classes are suited for everyone from beginners to advanced. Please book in a time that suits you on our class schedule.

A maximum of 10 people are able to attend each  class.

Non-members are welcome! Join by booking in through the schedule, or by emailing contact@apexwarrior.ca​ .

Please arrive with a mask and gym towel as a requirement to enter the gym for your workout.


These times are open for members and non members to enter the gym and do their own workout. You must be booked in to enter the gym, you must enter with a mask and gym towel or you can not workout. 

There is a maximum of 6 bookings per hour, please arrive on time for your booking. If you arrive late you can still enter but you must still leave at the end of your booking time to ensure we don't go over capacity.

Lift it!

This time is for members only and will be unstaffed. Please make sure to clean every surface that you touch with the cleaning products provided. 

Sanitize your hands upon entry.

Members must be booked in for entry. There is a maximum of 6 members in the gym at a time.
The Ninja Course is not available to members during these bookings. 

Masks and gym towels are mandatory for entry into the gym.

​All equipment must be cleaned and returned after every use.

Workout time.

Practice the ninja course, get expert guidance, and have fun doing cool stunts with other members! This booking is for the ninja course only.

Bookings are for 60 min, staff will be available to help if needed. Maximum bookings available per hour is 4. Please arrive with a mask and towel as a requirement to enter. 

Sanitise well before you use the course. Do not touch your face after your hands have been cleaned.

Time to fly!

A ninja class for kids! The obstacles are adjusted to fit smaller heights, and the class is coached by an expert ninja.

Classes are run in 8-week training blocks that are running all year. Classes are organized in age category to ensure the kids have the best experience.

Our competitive team is growing and we are looking for more ninjas to join us in competitions. We travel around Ontario to compete at other gyms to gain points with the Canadian Ninja League with the hopes to qualify for World Championships.

Register here for the next training block starting on September 5

Rising star!