Kids at Apex Warrior

Kids aged 6 and over have a blast at Apex Warrior! During special kids-only times, we reconfigure the course to be kid-friendly with obstacles to challenge them and keep them coming back for more!

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Fitness for life

Put your child on the right path to have fun with fitness! Our kid-friendly obstacles keep kids engaged, challenged, and wanting to come back for more. Our gym grows with your child – we can cater to kids of any age and ability (ages 6+) right into adulthood with our adult ninja warrior classes.

Star ninja!

Birthday parties

Kids' birthday parties at Apex are always a great time! We set up the course, especially for kids, and by the end, you'll be impressed by what they can do! We cater to kids of all ability levels and love seeing parents get involved.

The bookings are for 2 hours, and a coach will be available to demonstrate and help the kids through the obstacles. Pizza can be ordered from Pizza Hut next door, or wherever you like and feel free to bring decorations to make the space special for your child. We also have some fun games to keep everyone entertained.

Bookings are on the weekends; please send us the dates you are interested in, the age group of the children and approximately how many will be attending.

Getting ready for fun!

Ninja Kids in action!