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An Apex Warrior membership helps people of all fitness levels feel great about themselves, and achieve things they never thought they could!

The free trial is for adults only. Info on our kids programs can be found here.

How the free trial works:

  1. Fill out this online form.
  2. We'll contact you to set up a time for a tour and explain how everything works.
  3. Register for classes, members-only gym time, and ninja training – all free for 7 days!
  4. At the end of your trial, get in touch if you want a full membership. You won't be billed automatically.


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Our Gym and Fitness Centre

We have everything you need to elevate your fitness, get toned, shed body fat, and build muscle. Including:

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Slam balls
  • Wall balls
  • Boxes
  • Barbells
  • Olympic lifting plates
  • Functional fitness rig for basic and advanced training
  • Benches
  • Battle ropes
  • Sled for pushing
  • Parallel bars
  • Resistance bands
  • And more!

Our classes are fun and always changing – we've never done the same class twice! Come in and see what we are all about.

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Our Ninja Course

Our ninja warrior facility includes a ton of challenging obstacles that are always changing, including many of obstacles that are featured on the ninja warrior tv shows! They include:

  • 4.4 m Warped Wall
  • 3.4 m Warped Wall
  • 2.4 m Warped Wall
  • Spider Jump
  • Tilting Frame
  • Rumbling Dice
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Unstable Bridge
  • Rings
  • Canon Ball
  • Iron Paddler
  • Cargo Net
  • Peg Board
  • Sea of Poles
  • Advanced Doors
  • Flying Bar
  • And more!

Our ninja classes focus on different elements of being a ninja warrior like obstacle technique and balance. Have fun while getting fit! We're always mixing things up to keep it interesting and challenging.

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