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Virtual Trail Race 3: Apex Warrior

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Course maps

6km Course Map

12.5km / 25km / 50km Course Map

Start Location

Race Day

I recommend choosing your own start time to run just like any other race would have. The race starts on Sept 26 but you can run at anytime you would like for the next 7 days. For example, I am going to make the decision to start my race on Thursday morning at 8:00am. Arrive on location 30-45 min early to get warmed up and ready to start. This will make it feel more official and allow you to have an overall better experience.

Rules / Guidelines

  1. If you do not see the flagging tape you are going the wrong way, turn around until you find the marking tape for the race, then continue on the race route. The tape will be set out so that it will always be in sight.
  2. Your run tracker must not be paused at any time. If you choose to do the mini challenge then that is added to your time. Under no circumstances can you pause your run, even for a bathroom break.
  3. You do not have to complete the mini challenges along your run, such as the lookout selfie. They are recommended as they add a fun element to your race. They will go towards points for free swag!

The Courses - MUST READ

Please make sure you are following your course colour.

The 6km course is marked with Orange tape.

The 12.5 km course is marked with Blue tape.

  • The Trails are heavily marked in areas that have multiple trails, when on single track just keep following the trail until you see an arrow pointing you in the direction to run.
  • There are 40 arrows on this course and a lot of flagging tape, make sure to keep a look for the markings when running. Follow the arrows or you will go the wrong way.
  • If you are confused, stop and go back, find the arrow and follow it.
  • Look for red rock at the top of a climb to get your amazing view and selfie for the mini challenge.
  • Look for these 6km and 12km signs to point you in the right direction. There are 3 of these on the course.
  • 6km will follow the orange tape.
  • 12km will follow the blue tape.
  • Make sure to stay on your course with your coloured tape.
  • All the runners doing the 25km and 50km distances can keep running past the parking lot to start their next loop of the 12.5km. I recommend leaving a cooler with race nutrition and water here to refill and keep going! When you are finished your distance, finish in the parking lot.
  • The course is beautiful with incredible views, we are looking forward to you getting out and enjoying them!