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Virtual Trail Race 1: Apex Dash

Race 1 Map Is Available

Getting Prepared


1. Start with downloading the Runkeeper app on your phone to track and upload your race results directly to Race Roster.

Apple App

Google App

2. Use the map link to find the directions to the starting point. There will be markings for you to find the start/finish. Make sure you know where to go. If you have questions please let us know.

3. Mini Challenges

  • Most creative Selfie on the course
  • Take a selfie from lookout 1 capturing the island in the background (you will know where it is)
  • Earliest or Latest start time
  • Best Costume
  • Best finisher photo with Bib and Medal

Prizes will be awarded to the participants that win these mini challenges

Race Day

I recommend choosing your own start time to run just like any other race would have. The race starts on May 24th but you can run at anytime you would like for the next 7 days. For example, I am going to make the decision to start my race on Tuesday morning at 8:00am. Arrive on location 30-45 min early to get warmed up and ready to start. This will make it feel more official and allow you to have an overall better experience.

Rules / Guidelines

1. If you do not see the flagging tape you are going the wrong way, turn around until you find the marking tape for the race, then continue on the race route. The tape will be set out so that it will always be in sight.

2. Your run tracker must not be paused at any time. If you choose to do the mini challenge then that is added to your time. Under no circumstances can you pause your run, even for a bathroom break.

3. You do not have to complete the mini challenges along your run, such as the lookout selfie. They are recommended as they add a fun element to your race. They will go towards points for free swag!

4. Stay on course with the markers at all times.

5. There are bears in that area, so please be cautious when running, we recommend not wearing headphones during the run so you can be present. It's a trail run, we want you to enjoy your run in nature not the beats in your head. You are also navigating so having a clear mind will help you to stay on course.


The course is going to be marked and available for 7 days. Please help us in keeping this a fun and safe experience for everyone that runs. If anyone is found messing with the course they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any of the following Apex Trail Races.

7. Absolutely no littering, what you bring in you bring out. Let's work together to keep the trails as clean as possible. If something happens to drop by mistake by someone else and you see it, please take that second to pick it up. It feels much better to pick it up, instead of leaving it behind thinking about the person that dropped it.

8. Have fun! This is our first race, we had bigger plans than a virtual race but this is what we have to do with the challenge set out in front of us.

Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing your results!

Start Your Race

Keep your eyes on the striped marking tape. There will be longer sections of the course with light markings, stick to the trail, there is only one way.

At corners you will see arrows and heavy markings, make sure you see markings so you know you are heading in the right direction.

Look for the Start and Finish line. You must start before the line and stop your timer when crossing the line.

Arrows mark sharp corners, make sure to check for a large amount of markings to direct you in the correct path.

The red rock marks the selfie spot, make sure to get the island in the back.

If you notice something out of place. Please take a quick second to put it back.

At 6km you will see 2 red arrows on the ground pointing you in the direction to the start/finish line. From here sprint to the finish to complete your 6km, or start your 12km loop.

"It's not the distance you must conquer in running, it's yourself"