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Presented by APEX Warrior

Following proper social distancing measures is mandatory for all runners.Run or Hike our marked trails at Laurentian Conservation Area, all fitness levels are encouraged to come out!

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May 22, 2022

Location/Course Map

The course starts by the BioSki Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Club, at the Laurentian Conservation Area, Sudbury, Ontario

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Garmin 6 km course

Garmin 12 km course


  1. Follow South Bay Road all the way to the end, there will be a parking lot when you arrive.
  2. Park anywhere then head over to the trail heading north (left of parking lot)
  3. You will see a start and finish line here. Please start before the finish line and finish after the finish line.


Apex Warrior is a fitness facility in the South end of Sudbury. We provide fun training for athletics and of course, we love to run and race, especially in the trails. If you are looking to join a great community of like-minded people and increase your fitness level then come and see us at 125 Loach's road. You can also register for a free week membership at www.apexwarrior.ca

Run or Hike our marked trails at Laurentian Conservation Area, all fitness levels are encouraged to come out!

Join us for our first live event at Laurentian Bio ski chalet. The race vibes are real and we can't wait to get out on the course, expect a fast race with some mud, water, and quick turns.


Follow Southbay Road all the way until the end, you will find the parking lot there.

Aid station

There will be one aid station at the Start/Finish line. There will be water and electrolytes for your convenience.


Stick around after the event for awards and prizes. There will be a lot of fun giveaways, everyone has a chance to win!

Start Times

12 km - 8:00 am

6 km - 8:15 am

Please arrive early to get warmed up, the race will start on time.

Rules / Guidelines

1. If you do not see the flagging tape you are going the wrong way, turn around until you find the marking tape for the race, then continue on the race route. The tape will be set out so that it will always be in sight.

2. If someone needs to pass, please make room for them to get by.

3. Stay on course with the markers at all times.

4. There are bears in that area, so please be cautious when running, we recommend not wearing headphones during the run so you can be present. It's a trail run, we want you to enjoy your run in nature not the beats in your head. You are also navigating so having a clear mind will help you to stay on course.


Please help us in keeping this a fun and safe experience for everyone that runs. If anyone is found messing with the course they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any of the following Apex Trail Races.

6. Absolutely no littering, what you bring in you bring out. Let's work together to keep the trails as clean as possible. If something happens to drop by mistake by someone else and you see it, please take that second to pick it up. It feels much better to pick it up, instead of leaving it behind thinking about the person that dropped it.

7. Have fun! Last year was a blast, let's do it again, next year we all race together!

Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing your results!

Check out the Sudbury views!

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