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6 KM Course on Garmin

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12 KM Course on Garmin

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Rules / Guidelines

1. If you do not see the flagging tape you are going the wrong way, turn around until you find the marking tape for the race, then continue on the race route. The tape will be set out so that it will always be in sight. The 6 km course will have different coloured tape than the 12.5 km course, the 25 km course is 2 laps of the 12.5 km course.

2. Your run tracker must not be paused at any time. If you choose to do the mini challenge then that is added to your time. Under no circumstances can you pause your run, even for a bathroom break.

3. Best Dressed Competition

Whoever dresses in the best Canada Day outfit for their race will win something awesome from our main sponsor Adventure 365!

Post your run and outfit to social media using the hashtag #runwithapex365 for your chance to win.

Course Markings

The 6 km course is marked in red flagging tape

The 12.5 / 25 km course is marked in Blue flagging tape.

The trails will intersect with each other along the way, please keep your eyes on the arrows and tape, follow your route. If you find you are going the wrong way, stop, retrace your steps and find the correct path.

There is many more arrows and flagging tape so you should have no problem navigating your way through the course.

Oops Dropped the roll of tape.
12 km Course Markings
Follow the tape

12 Goes Left - 6 Goes Straight

6 km Course Markings

Go Left

Race Location

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