We are hosting a Regionals event in Sudbury to Qualify for Canadian Championships!! We have partnered with the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association to bring you our first official ninja competition.

The Regionals Competition will be open for anyone to register and compete. If you want to qualify for the Nationals in Calgary you will have to register with the UNAA before you compete on the course.

The competition will be laid out like the TV show American Ninja Warrior, and will be designed by Apex Warrior course designers. Participants won't know what the course layout is until competition time starts. Length of the course will be up to 15 obstacles to test balance, coordination and grip strength.

Must be at least 6 years old to compete in the UNAA.
9 and Under Boys
9 and Under Girls
11 and Under Boys
11 and Under Girls
13 and Under Boys
13 and Under Girls
15 and Under Boys
15 and Under Girls
Amateur Men
Amateur Women
Pro Men
Pro Women
Over 40 Men
Over 40 Women

Any Adult (16 or older) may compete in Pro Class or Amateur class, but MUST compete in PRO if the athlete has competed in the last THREE years in Las Vegas on ANW, been in the Top 10 Pro class at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Finals or WolfPack Ninja Tour Finals. If you meet any ONE of these requirements you are considered PRO.

Amateur to Pro – If you were an Amateur in UNAA and made Top 5 at the UNAA World Finals, you must now compete as a PRO.

Athletes must make a true attempt on Every obstacle. A true attempt is defined as “making a notable effort to complete an obstacle.” A 30 second penalty will be added to the athletes time for every obstacle “not attempted”. PLEASE NOTE this time is added to their total time should they hit it. (Example athlete skips 2 obstacles without making a true attempt and hits max time of 4 mins. Final time is 5:00:00). This rule is to ensure good sportsmanlike conduct in our sport. Final decision resides with the Head Judge.

Supporting Structure of obstacles may not be used at any time. This is defined by the Head Judge. Some examples of support structure are, chains supporting grips, material holding obstacle together, Eye-bolts holding grips to chains, or anything else that would be considered NOT part of an obstacle.

“Topping” is not allowed. Topping is using the flat surface above a grip in order to bypass the intended use of the grip. Some grips are exceptions to this rule (cannonball). This is determined by the Head Judge.

Competitors have one RETRY and must use it on the obstacle failed. The RETRY is worth 1 point, so if entire course is completed without using RETRY, an additional point is awarded to total obstacle points.
Example- Course with 10 obstacles:
a) Athlete A – Full course completion, no RETRY = 11 pts
b) Athlete B – Fails once, RETRY used, fails again, completes rest
of course = 9pts
c) Athlete C – Fails once, RETRY used successfully, completes
rest = 10 pts

Times will be calculated to the hundredth of a second. (Ex: 01.45.26) If the obstacle needs to be reset post-failure. Reset the obstacle, once reset, the Head Judge will give the athlete the go ahead to begin their next attempt. Time to reset will count against an athlete.

RETRY Must be used on 1st obstacle failed. The reason for this is it is more likely that an athlete will give a TRUE attempt on a obstacle, if they MUST retry that obstacle failed and ALSO if an obstacle is failed because of NOT making a True attempt under the Sportsmanship Rule, it gives the Judge a chance to explain to the athlete that on the Retry they must make a TRUE attempt or risk being penalized .

Regional Qualifier For all divisions. Splitting up Youth divisions on Saturday, and Teen/Adult Divisions on Sunday. Listed below are divisions and times:

9 & under: Check-in 10:30 am - Starts at 11:00 am -12:30 pm
11 & under: Check-in 12:30 pm - Starts at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
13 & under: Check-in 2:00 pm - Starts at 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

15 & under, Masters, Amateur/Pro: Check-in 10:30 am - Starts at 11:00 am 

Times are subject to change according to number of athlete registrations.
Max. number of competitors per category is 15.

Registration Early Bird Fee - $50 until April 27
General Athlete Fee - $60 until May 11

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