Apex Warrior


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Cadence:  High intensity cardio training designed to shed body fat and improve overall fitness.  

ZUU:  Bodyweight movements to help mobility and mental strength, and prevent injuries. You will be mostly working with a partner through intense drills to improve strength and cardio

Warrior Grit:  Combines strength and cardio to give the best results

Ninja Skills:  We will work through some of the obstacles and show you the best way to train for them

Spartan: Directed towards training for Spartan Race, fast paced and creative. Conquer obstacles, work together, throw spears, climb ropes, and burpess. Everytjing you see in a Spartan Race is in this class, come and try this one for a fun time.

Apex OCR: A mix of everything, climbling, cardio, strength, we never know what to expect on Saturdays.